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hiya, i'm crystal & i post about anime and video games. i'm really outgoing and i love talking to people! if you wanna talk i'm on twitter ♥

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he talks like a gentleman



a fanmix for caesar zeppeli, my one and only ♡ 

[listen here]

track list:

  1. when you were young - the killers
  2. blame it on the girls - mika
  3. born to be wild - steppenwolf
  4. name - the goo goo dolls
  5. survival - muse
  6. electric feel - MGMT
  7. go your own way - fleetwood mac
  8. mamma mia - ABBA
  9. lost! - coldplay
  10. hungry like the wolf - duran duran
  11. animal - miike snow


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practice turned into smth better B)




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